Sunday, January 23, 2011

Idea for healthy and quick snacks

Fatit El Homos :

All what you need to prepare this healthy snack is :
Pita Chips, Low Fat Yogurt, Pineseed or pecans, Chick Peas, Tbsp of Tahini.
(Pinch of salt, Dried Mint and Cumin)

first the chick peas and the pita chips

then, the yogurt mixed with dried mint and tahini and cumin
and finally the roasted pecans in the top of it!

French Toast with Iced Berries Topping:

I have in my freezer some iced berries in the bottom of the bag ( blackberries+ blueberries+ Strawberries+ Raspberries), so what could you do better than a warm French Toast with an icy and healthy topping of sweet mixed berries!!!!

excuse me for this personnalized french toast :) ;)

Good Appetite Folks!

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